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Ray Katz

As a Philadelphia web development pioneer in the mid-1990s, I remember meeting for drinks every Friday with the dozen or so members of the community. As an entrepreneur, executive and hands-on creator, I’ve been at the center from the beginning with strong technical skills and a marketing focus.

My Experience

I’m a versatile web developer capable of handling virtually every aspect of the process. And I have executive experience.

I’m a solid manger of people, processes and finances. I hold an MBA with a concentration in marketing.

I’m technically proficient and can do complete websites on my own, including ecommerce and elearning sites. But I love to work in a team, too. People who have worked for me know I value and respect their expertise and I’m there to help provide resources and support as needed. Success is a collaborative process.

I’m comfortable working with people at all levels and love talking with clients—both helping the clients and managing their expectations.

In terms of solid specific skills, I’m a very experienced WordPress web developer, with related skills including some server management. I’m very capable of managing a team of developers and designers, something I did for about a decade.

When it comes to management, I not only love working with people, I’m obsessed about analyzing and improving processes. This happened when I was taking my MBA—I realized that the way things are done can limit—or improve—the results. All too often, processes are ignored because “that’s the way we’ve always done it.” That approach is, to me, a bad one.


I expect to be paid fairly, but environment is more important to me than money.

I want to work with and/or manage people and, ideally, processes as well. I would love client interaction and I feel it’s necessary and beneficial to communicate across departments.

I both offer and expect respect for and from everyone. My focus is always to fix the problem and not the blame.

Katz Internet

web development consultancy


Full service web designer and developer for clients.

2010 – present

MEE Productions

media company

Web Developer | Manager

Quickly and skillfully build a variety of websites for the company and clients. Now part time.

2017 – Present

National Constitution Center


Visitor Services

The public face of the museum working directly with customers.

2008 – 2016

I-SITE, Inc.

web development company

Co-founder & President

Pioneer with one of Philadelphia’s first web development firm. Hands on, executive and management responsibilities.

1995 – 2005

Would you benefit from a one-person complete web development team? Or someone who can quickly bring your team’s vision to life?


my Skills

With technical, marketing and management skills, I provide a solid background and body of experience for getting challenging things done.

  • Website Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Management & Supervision

Website Development

  • Full service web developer
  • Works with WordPress, Divi theme, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, more.
  • Server management
  • eCommerce (with WooCommerce)
  • eLearning (with LearnDash)

Marketing Strategy

  • Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Copywriting
  • Branding

Management & Supervision

  • Project management
  • Supervison
  • Executive responsibilities



Bachelor of Arts

Major: Economics

Fordham University


Concentration: Marketing

I’ve Worked With

Some Projects

Osteosarcoma Nonprofit

Osteosarcoma is a serious disease and many victims are children. OScollaborative.org is a nonprofit that provides education and support for those struggling with this condistion.


The Society of American Travel Writers, Eastern Chapter, is having a series of meetings. This site covers it.

LL Burtner Consulting

Website for a design consulting firm.

Mrs. Bs Boutique

I added the shop, turning a brochure site into an online e-commerce site.

MEE Productions

I rebuilt this entire site in WordPress, converting it manually from another platform.

Hire! Philly

Working with my good friends at Octo Design, I am currently building out this career site.

Mario Lanza Institute & Museum

A South Philadelphia nonprofit that offers scholarships to promising singers and has a museum honoring the late tenor.

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