Be A Light

A Letter-writing Campaign for A Cease-fire in the Middle East

Dear friends,

As the war in the Middle East begins its third month, we propose a large, organized letter-writing campaign to President Biden. This campaign will issue the statement, “Be a light in the darkness. Call for a cease-fire in the Middle East now!”

The rationale for the Light in the Darkness Project is simple: a large, organized group of people is difficult to ignore. We are heading into an election year, and if President Biden is faced with a large group of voters calling for a cease-fire, it could make a difference. The United States is currently the outlier at the United Nations in calling for a cease-fire, and as a permanent member of the Security Council, it has veto power. If it joins other member states in demanding a cease-fire, this action could turn the tide.

As much as it can be, this is an apolitical campaign. It suggests no permanent solutions, endorses no political parties, and does not get involved in the endless cycle of blame and justification. It calls only for an end to the war. Herein lies its strength. We wish to champion the lives of civilians and end the cycle of violence.

If you want to participate in this project, suggestions follow. This campaign is aimed at Americans, but people from other countries are welcome to join.




  1. Keep the letter short. No one wants to read a long polemic.
  2. Say something about yourself personally. This humanizes the campaign. It reminds the reader that we are talking about human lives. It lets the president know that the letter writers are people, not AI-generated bots.
  3. Avoid angry rhetoric or shopworn slogans. Such strategies are counterproductive. Be respectful and polite. This tactic causes people to pay attention.

Tell the White House you want the new year to be a year of peace.

Write to the White House and call for a cease-fire. You may want to say something about yourself, such as your name, your age, your profession, where you live, and why you are writing.

Tell the White House
It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness
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